Chattanooga, the fourth largest city in Tennessee is an exciting holiday vacation. It is home to excellent museums, interesting historical attractions, beautiful parks, great hotels, and venues. For many, it is the perfect destination to host a wedding, so as a visitor to the city over the weekend, expect to find several wedding parties. Chattanooga is a great place to go whether as a couple, alone or with kids as there are are a host of things you can do with your days, ranging from going for a stroll in Tennessee River park to watching a sports game or concert at Finely stadium. Here are a few daytime activities you can do while in Chattanooga.

1. Visit the Tennessee River Park
This park is one of the most popular, especially in the summer. It is a narrow river, winding for about ten miles from Chickamauga Dam to Chattanooga. A number of activities are available at the River park including fishing from piers or with canoes. One important part of the park is a marsh containing a variety of birds that you can view.

2. Get a guided tour of the Lookout Mountain
If you are interested in having an adventure, the Lookout Mountain is the place to go. From it, you get to experience the city’s scenic views from a high point and best of all, you get a great view of the Ruby Falls, which are the world’s most fascinating cave waterfalls. This 145-foot tall waterfall is the largest underground waterfall in America.

3. Explore the Tennessee Aquarium
This is one of Chattanooga’s top attractions. It is home to creatures that delight visitors of all ages. From the electrifying jellyfish and playful otters to the huge catfish and freshwater stingrays, to the queer-looking Wallago catfish, the exhibits will definitely amaze you with their realistic feel, showcasing animals in their native habitats.

4. Take a walk down the Walnut Street Bridge
This bridge connects Chattanooga to the north shore of the Tennessee River and is the world’s longest pedestrian bridge. It was erected in 1890 and at an astonishing 2,376 feet high, it was the first non-military bridge to be built across the Tennessee River. The bridge is the location for a range of events including the Riverbend country music festival and the Wine of Water wine tasting festival.

5. Discover the Creative Discovery Museum
If you have traveled with your kids or are interesting in having a learning experience during your trip, the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga TN is the place to go. It is designed for children of all ages, their parents, schools, and organizations working with children to explore. Learn, create and innovate through play. If you are in Chattanooga for a while and are wondering how to keep your kids occupies, the museum offers a range of programs such as science demonstrations, art lessons, and activities for children to learn about animals. The museum also offers programs for children with special needs.

Chattanooga is definitely a great family vacation destination where you get to relax, have some fun as well as learn.

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