Chattanooga is called the scenic city by many. Be it its cave waterfalls or its steep mountain rail, the city is known by travelers far and wide for its ability to amaze. With a city such as this, there’s always a bustle of activity with travelers enjoying the different events it has to offer. Often, you will find yourself attending a wedding party during the weekend as couples find it the perfect destination to host their weddings.
If you are in Chattanooga, whether just for the weekend or for a more permanent stay, here are a few events you should seriously consider attending. You will not be disappointed!

Events in Chattanooga TN

  1. Ruby Falls Lantern Tours – Ruby Falls must be the most magical place in Chattanooga city. It has the world’s largest cave waterfalls and you get to experience this beauty at night! These tours run on February 2nd and 3rd and from March to November at 8:30- 10:30 pm. These tours have been running since 2006 and allow visitors a rarely seen scenic view deep within Lookout Mountain. The adventure begins with a 260-foot elevator ride inside the mountain with only lanterns lighting the path.
  2. Artful Yoga: Serenity Flow – This event is held at the Hunter Museum of American Art on the 9th of July from 1:30-3PM. How better to end a trip to the museum than with a yoga session overlooking the serene water and vast landscape. Experience the yin yoga practice led by Savana Williams, Jana Vcelkovana and Adriana Rios. Whether you are of retirement age or in your twenties, you are welcome to join in the yoga class. Kids too are welcome.
  3. Modest Mouse concert – This event will be held on the 16th of June from 8-10PM. If you are into Indie Rock, this is definitely the concert to go to. Modern Mouse has been performing since 1993 in Issaquah Washington and are ready to paint the city of Chattanooga red with their amazing music. The event will be held at the Tivoli Theatre and long-time fans from all over the country will be there to watch them perform.
  4. Discovery Point Wild Ride Summer Camp – If you are looking for an amazing experience for your kids, this is the program, to enrol them in.  The camp is open for school-going children aged 5-12 years old during the months of June, July and August. Each week will feature an adventure of a different theme from the Wild West to the South Pacific. Kids will enjoy field trips, arts and crafts, STEAM activities, cooking projects and much more. Your kids will not only enjoy their summer but also build friendships and learn a lot along the way.
  5. Bands on the Bluff: Asian Fusion – This event will be held on the 7th of June at the Hunter Museum of American Art from 6-7:30PM. Experience a unique kind of show in a creative environment.

Chattanooga is one of those destinations that you cannot get bored at.

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