Fence Replacement

A wood fence of great value that’s well cared for could last for years. If the wood is accustomed wood it may last longer, however, if it is the synthetic wood then it will over time start to deteriorate and will require a restoration or possibly a new installment altogether. Some fences will only hold up for at least ten years. In this article, I am going to give you the key signs that may require fence replacement:


With wooden fences, you will notice the deterioration in sections near the ground. This section is where the wood must have incurred massive dampness that triggered the rot. There are some temporary steps you can take to eliminate the deterioration, but, as it is a temporary fix, you may need to contact a knowledgeable fencing service. If you notice one decaying piece this okay, however, if it’s decayed all within the fence, this may be the right time to restore or replace it.


Harsh showers and strong winds can cause posture problems that may make it slant. What is happening is your fence is slowly losing its composition after years of service and wear and tear. This section can be repaired, nonetheless, if neglected over time, multiple boards could show the same issues which cannot be restored if they are too damaged.

Cracked and Misplaced Boards

Having one cracked or misplaced board is a small concerned that can be restored. If there are multiple cracked and misplaced boards, these actions call for a new install. Wear and tear is going to happen at some point with wood fences, even if it’s top leading wood. Harsh weather will trigger damage that can only withstand for so many years, sooner or later structural concerns will occur.

Loose Fitting and Misplaced Closures

Over the years, you may also notice bolts may loosen or even come out of the fence. Most may be replaced; however, real aged fences may not be able to take new bolts or nails. If you are facing similar issues with loose fence and misplaced closures, you may need to reach out to your Chattanooga Fence Company. It is unnecessary to restore the fence it will not withstand the nails and screws for repair.

Repairs Are Too Expensive

The core aspect that clarifies when you may need to restore a fence? Most times, on the financial side of things it would make since to replace rather than repair. After, maintaining the previous fence for so many years, a new fence may be well deserved. Replacing your fence adds curb appeal and increases your property value on top of providing confidentiality and protection.

It is recommended to have a fence replacement or repairs every ten years or more. Whether you are in need of repair for your wood or vinyl fence. If you are experiencing an assortment of the above key signals, it may be a good idea to contact a fencing expert. There are plenty of fence restoration amenities that can assist wood fence or vinyl fence concerns.

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