Fence Installation in a Sloped Yard

On property, the shape of the land can differ. For some property owners, the area may be smooth, for others, it may be filled with ridges or slopes. Therefore, the act of installing a fence for a property owner with a flat landscape will be much comfortable compared to the trouble a property owner with a sloped landscape would face.

Luckily, some countermeasures can be employed to ensure that fence installation on a slope does not become a hassle. Scenic City Fence & Deck Co have mastered the act of quality fence installations regardless of the landscape. There are ultimately two methods available for fence installations. 

They are explained below:


The step fencing method is aptly named so because it imitates the appearance of a staircase. The method employs the use of rails that are perpendicular to the pickets. Instead of the fence appearing parallel to the slope, it gradually steps down or up the hill. The use of vertical arrangements allows for gaps to be left between the ground and the bottom of the picket. 

Step fencing is not a secure method for an amateur to successfully utilize because it demands precise measurements. Also, if you insist on DIY, and you purchase preassembled fence panels for the fencing, then the only fencing method available is the step fencing as preassembled panels do not encourage flexibility when it comes to the type of landscape.

Raked Fencing Method

Another name for the raked fencing method is a parallel method. Unlike step fencing which follows a perpendicular lineup, raked fencing involves following the contour of the slope. The fence panels have to maintain a vertical arrangement to remain parallel.

Also, unlike the step method, the gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground is maintained consistently throughout the width of the fence. For a more uniform look, rake fencing is preferable. It also prevents the escape of pets through the spacing under the fence. Due to the fencing method requiring conformity to the slope of the land, preassembled panels cannot be used.

Choosing Between the Methods

Both fencing methods have their pros and cons. Therefore, to settle on one, it is a matter of your personal preference. Scenic City Fence & Deck Co considers the answers of the clients to the following 3 questions before settling on a suitable fencing method.

Is your land really steep? Step fencing is the only method available when the slope of the property is too steep. However, if the property still has shallow depths, then either method can be utilized.

Regarding aesthetics, which style catches your fancy? Do you prefer a uniform look to blend with the organized nature of your front lawn? Then the raked fencing method is a preferred option. If you are not bothered about it, then either way goes.

Do you mind gaps? With the step fencing method, you are likely to get a fence with large gaps under making it easy for pets to run away. The raked fencing method eliminates gaps.

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