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Porch Builder

While a deck brings you the side or backyard utility you seek, a professional porch installation is all about providing space and practicality to the front of your home. When looking to the professionals at Scenic City Fence & Deck Co to provide you with the results you’re looking for, you can be sure that we have the porch installation experts you need for the perfect space to use. We bring a modernizing service that will have your home bringing you as many benefits as possible.

Open Porches

There are two main varieties of choice when it comes to your porch options, an open porch and an enclosed one, each of which providing you with different benefits. If you’re looking for an open porch design to bring you exterior storage space, a landing for pet or footwear placement, or the perfect location to install a porch swing, you can depend on Scenic City Fence & Deck Co Chattanooga’s Porch Builder to bring you results. We are more than just a fence and deck construction company and aim to bring you the exterior installations you need to serve the right functions for your property.

Enclosed Porches

If you’re looking for the means to complete your outdoor property and to bring you a space you can enjoy throughout the year, then looking to an enclosed porch can be the right call. We have the means to bring you options that are fully completed with walls and windows, or to give you a mesh screening option that will serve to give you a space to enjoy without having to worry about the local bug life making their presence felt. Whatever your desire with your porch space, you can count on our experts to full to your exact specification.


Much like getting the right deck repairs for your property, the service brought to provide you with quality porch repair needs to stand up. In order to keep both the practical and aesthetic benefits to your porch, getting the right experienced professionals on site makes all the difference. We have been bringing quality porch repair to Chattanooga for years and have the skilled professionals you need to handle porches of any type. When you’re looking to keep the benefits of your porch, the choice in company you bring in can make all the difference, and we aim to continually be the right choice for you.

Material Integration

When looking to have a porch replacement, or initial building you can depend on, knowing that you have the material choices you need is key. For replacements that have a cement flight of steps leading up, knowing that your new porch will have the means to seamlessly flow into your current steps without the need to pay to have two materials done can be a decision maker. When looking to have both a wood porch and cement or wood steps installed, knowing that your professionals have the means to provide quality in both options is key, and Scenic City Fence & Deck Co brings that dependability as a Porch Builder.

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