Fence measuring guidelines

​There are various things to consider before installing a fence to your property. Although it has several benefits for your investment and the entire family, the fence installation is not as easy as finding the right color and material, but it can be a bit more complicated than that.

​Considering the Building Code, Property Lines plus the neighborhood, building a fence should be planned meticulously. The plan should not limit to the appearance of the fence but also the entirety of the process.

To ensure that your fence installation is planned well the first thing you need to identify is your local zone codes and restrictions. Building beyond your land’s official boundary or misreading the length of the panels could be disastrous. 

You might need to fix it which can be difficult and can cost a lot of money. So, the best way to avoid complexities and difficulties is to get everything right the first time. 

Once installed it will provide valuable benefits such as privacy and protection, great for decoration, and imminently to reduce noise coming from the neighborhood. In addition to that, it set property delineation which provides a boundary demarcation between yours and your neighbors’ property.


To know the precise measurement and limit of the fence’s placement, height, and style it is advisable to visit your local city council or city zoning office. It will help you determine the zoning statutes and easement laws in your area.

The zoning laws indicate the height, design, material, and placement restrictions that you need to obey to install your fence rightly. You should find out the fundamental parameters to avoid future problems and more unnecessary expenses.
Remember that some cities and neighborhoods have rigid guidelines regarding fencing. Although most regulations are for the fences in the front yard, it can also implement to backyard fences.

Assure that you have carefully read and comprehend the regulations before you start digging.

Fence Height and Fence Measuring Guidelines

​1. No fence shall exceed the height restrictions. The height limits vary from section to section. Make sure to consult the Restrictions and Policies and Procedures.

2. To measure correctly, start from the ground level to the tip of the towering part of the fence material. If your fence has decorative features, the measurement should reach any parts of the fence top.

3. Plants, bushes or shrubs required to follow the same height and location restrictions as fences.

Homeowners have several decisions to consider when it comes to their property. But the most important thing is to take actions and plans as to the possible ways to protect the investment.

Placing a fence is the start of addressing security not just to your home but also for your family and even to pets. So, if you are thinking of installing a fence, Chattanooga Top Fence Builders specialized at fence installation and deck construction.

We have an exceptional team of experts to ensure your satisfaction before we leave the job site. Contact us now and let’s see the best fence company that suits your home.

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