Are you thinking of replacing your old deck? There are high chances that your old deck is not that attractive. It may do last you through that snow-filled winter or heavy rain season. It is just old and worn out. Do not live with that deck again. So how do you know that the deck needs a replacement? By going through this information, you will find out when you need a deck builder. You will be given a hint on some of the things which tell you that your old deck needs replacement. Please have a look at them and make that informed decision. 

Your deck is supported by rotted wooed posts.

It is highly likely that if your deck is old, it is built on wooden posts. Modern decks are made on sturdy concrete pillars which have been reinforced using durable steel. Additionally, the new decks are durable and not capable of being easily damaged by poor weather. If you have that old design, the wooden support might have rotten or destroyed by insects. That is very likely if your posts were not treated well. Posts will automatically lose strength with age. As such, they may not be capable of holding the weight of your deck. The best thing is to have your deck replacement done with modern design.

The railing shakes when you grab them

Although shaking may not necessarily make you deck to collapse, they are safety risks to the users of the deck. This is more so if you have younger children around. In most cases, these railings are attached using nails which are bound to become lose with time. Although you can try to enhance their strength by doing deck repair, still that is not enough. Doing this maintenance work might do more damage to your deck. To provide a long-term solution consider calling a deck builder to replace the whole deck.

The ledger boards are weak

Ledger boards are the essential components of your deck. They tightly hold your deck on the side which is secured to your building. As such, a ledger board which is not strong enough is a significant security risk. It can simply detach from your house and cause a major accident. This means having a weak ledger can make your deck fall off from your home at any time. Is that not dangerous? Be on the safe side. Replace the whole deck and solve this problem once and for all.

Huge structural damage

Structural damage is a clear indication that your deck has outlived its purpose. The rotten woods might be sagging. This means that the wood is susceptible to damage by insects such as termite. Such damage allows water to enter in the points of the damage, and cause more destruction. This damage spreads throughout the structure making it extremely weak its time for a deck replacement. Visible rots are a clear indication that your structure is weak. As you walk on it, you will feel that it is shaking. Additionally, you might notice that the screws are not holding it tightly.

Do not look for more signs. Do not try deck repair. Just have your deck replaced by Scenic City Fence & Deck Co.

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